Welcome to Ragdollissimo cattery, we are small hobby breeders of pure traditional Ragdoll cats and based at Varennes-Jarcy in Essonne, not very far from Paris in France.

At the beginning, we acquired two marvellous cats: Sangallo (a Norvégian) and Twinkle (a Maine Coon). They rapidly convinced us to develop more and more our passion for cats.

Then, the family has enlarged with the arrival of Pauline, our little blue mitted Ragdoll. After laborious researches in Europe, we had finally found the little Ragdoll female of our dreams in Germany: a marvellous cat with a tender character and a superb pedigree. At this point, this was the start of our breeder, this splendid female being selected for breeding.

Then came Leo, our little blue lynx male arriving from Canada: our future breeder male….His strong appearance and his kindness will undoubtedly convince his nice girls …

Finally, the latest one was Habys our gentle blue bicolour Ragdoll female arriving from Finland. She will allow certain equilibrium in our cats'house and will probably give us beautiful kitten A gold character, with an exceptional presence and superb deep blue eyes!

For the happiness of all, our cat friends live in total liberty in our house and it is not very surprising to find one or two of them on our pillow in the morning or sleeping on the desk near children doing their homework or when we are working on computer.

We wish you a pleasant visit …