The ragdoll

Welcome to the world of Ragdolls!

The Ragdoll breed was developed in California by Ann Baker in the late 1960’s. Her goal was to capture the unique and amazing docile nature of these cats. The original cats bred to create this fabulous cat was a white Angora “like” cat named Josephine, and a Birman “like”cat named Daddy Warbucks.

Myths still exist that Ragdolls do not feel pain and do not possess cat instincts. In fact, Ragdolls should be treated with the same care and respect bestowed upon all other breeds.

Ragdolls is best known for its docile and placid temperament. It is perhaps the gentlest and most easy-going of breeds. Their name derived from the fact that most of them go completely limp when picked up.

Ragdolls are “people-oriented”cats who love to be with humans and attach strongly to their owners. They want to take part of everything that happens in the house and will follow you everywhere, such that you will ever be lonely with a Ragdoll around.

Ragdolls are also very affectionate, moderately active and like to play. They get along with other animals and children and rarely use their claws while playing with someone. Ragdolls are happy living indoors, as long as you play with them and provide them a climbing tree and cat toys. In fact, they should never be let go outside alone, because they are very trusting and tend to think everyone as a friend. However, as they love nature such that they will greatly appreciate to play in a cat's land if you can build one for them. Ragdolls are also very “talkative” with their owners and with other cats but are never noisy because of their gentle voices.

Ragdolls will grow until they reach full maturity around 3-4 years of age. They are large, heavy boned cat with a full chest as well as very expressive blue eyes. Their fur is semi-long, soft, silky, requiring only a minimal weekly maintenance.

The traditional Ragdolls are breed in three coat patterns: the Colorpoint, the Mitted, and the Bicolour. In each of these three coat patterns there are four colours: Seal (dark brown), Blue (bluish grey), Chocolate (bright brown) and Lilac (bright bluish grey). Ragdoll kittens are all born white, the point colours developing at about 10 days of age. All Ragdolls have blue eyes. The Lynx (Tabby = stripes) pattern and Red (reddish brown), Cream (beige) and Tortie (tortoise scales) colours are now being introduced into the Ragdoll breed.

Do not forget that these are only common qualities in Ragdolls and just like in any other breeds, they do not apply to all of them. Every Ragdoll is an individual and because he is unique, you will undoubtedly love him!