Colorpoint : The colorpoint has darker points than the rest of the body. The contrast between the points and body can vary a lot. Strong contrast is preferred. There is no white, though the body color may be nearly white in some Ragdolls. The nose leather and paw pads should match the point color.

Mitted : Same as above, but has "mitts", i.e. white in front paws ("gloves") and halfway up in back legs ("boots"). Chin and chest are white and stomach has a white strip. Sometimes a mitted Ragdoll may also have a white "blaze" (1) on the nose, which is usually accepted in shows.

Bicolor : also has dark points, but the mask has an inverted "V" extending from between the eyes to the muzzle. The body color is white with a "saddle" on the back, which has a white area in the middle. The degree of white in bicolors varies. The nose leather and paw pads are pink.

Mid-high white bicolor : has a broader "V" on the mask. Sometimes a breakthrough spotting on the legs. The amount of white varies. Mid-high wites can be shown too if they have a good "V" and no white in tail and ears.

High white bicolor : has usually no "saddle" on the back. The "V" on the mask extends almost up to the ears. This pattern can sometimes be shown as a "van" if the cat is marked like a Turkish Van cat.

High mitted : High mitted is a mitted with two mitted genes instead of one. There is often a little breakthrough spotting on the limbs, but otherwise high mitted looks like a bicolor. If the pattern fits the bicolor standard, a high mitted can be shown as a bicolor.