General :

The ideal Ragdoll grows large and heavy. Full maturity of color is not achieved until 2 years old and full weight and size is not expected for at least 4 years. The cat is firm and muscular with no fat except on the lower abdomen. Overall impression is of subdued power. Females may be noticeably smaller than males.

Head: The head is a medium sized, broad modified wedge, with the appearance of a flat plane between the ears. Muzzle is round, medium in length, with well-developed chin. Nose to have a gentle slope between eyes. Neck is short, heavy and strong.

Muzzle : Cheeks are well developed and taper to a rounded, well developed muzzle and chin with a medium jaw.

Eyes : Blue, large and oval. Outer aperature to fall in line with base of ear. Not oriental.

Ears : Medium size, rounded tip, tilted forward.

Neck : short, heavy and strong.

Body : Long with full chest, equally massive across shoulders and hind quarters. Muscular and heavier in hind quarters, tendency for "fatty pad" on lower abdomen.

Legs : Medium long, heavy, back legs higher than front. Fur on front legs thick, short to medium in length. Fur on hind legs medium to long, thick and feather like.

Paws : Large, Round, feather tufted.

Tail : Long in proportion to body length. medium, at base with slight taper, carried at angle higher than back.

Coat : Medium long to long, plush and silky. Coat lies with body and breaks as cat moves. Longest around neck and outer edges of the face; appearnce of a bib; short on face, increases in length from top of head down through shoulder blades and back.