The Ragdollissimo cattery is a familial breed, that means that play, cuddles and cares are priorities in order to obtain very sociable kittens at the time of their departure.

The kittens do not leave the house before the 12 weeks age.

They are vaccinated against the typhus, the coryza and the leucosis ( first injection).

They are identified by a ISO microchip.

They have a LOOF pedigree.

Our kittens will be placed as pet cats or as show and/or breed cats pending on their characteristics.

A pet kitten could not be used for breeding. So, the owner should sterilize it no later than at six months old.

A show and/or breed kitten will have all required qualities to participate at cat's shows or for a breeding, the breeding being only authorized with a other Ragdoll having a recognized pedigree.

Concerning cat's shows, no guaranties could be given for the results that the cat could obtain. In fact other criteria could be taken into account such as grooming or other things.